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Croisades du Nord - Belgian Malinois is a working kennel whose goal is to provide stable and balanced working dogs.  We value structurally and environmentally sound Malinois who excel in real world and sport applications.  ​Health, drive, and character are at the forefront of desired qualities we expect in all of our Malinois.   

Croisades du Nord translates to "Northern Cruisaders" and is an homage to the French roots of our dog’s genetics and working history.  Our dogs, and descendants from our dogs work in a wide variety of venues, including: French Ring, Mondio Ring, IGP, PSA, Agility, Competitive Obedience, Search & Rescue, Police K9, and Executive Protection.

We have actively competed in French Ring for over 10 years with our club SOAR Ringsport and it is through these experiences that shaped and guided the vision of Croisades du Nord.


Our kennel is located about 20 minutes south of London, Ontario.  We love this breed of dog, and what we are striving to produce will likely make it a poor fit for a home that does not share these ideals.  We do not sell to pet/family, active companion, backyard personal protection, or simply to be sold as breeding dogs.  We encourage questions, please contact us should you have any.  

Ryan Venables
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Alex Venables

Our Team

Established in 2020, however the vision for Croisades du Nord was over ten years in the making.  After trying various performance sports (obedience, rally, and agility) a chance meeting led us to discover the sport of Schutzhund and eventually French Ring. 

After learning more about the breed and becoming more involved in French Ring, together we founded SOAR Ringsport in 2012 and sought out the lineage that Croisades du Nord is based upon today.   Together we have competed and won championships both nationally and internationally. 

We have competed across Canada, France, and the United States.  Alex has trialing experiences with three Malinois and is one of a few Canadian female handlers who have brought a dog to Ring III.  Ryan and Ionn have had the distinct pleasure of representing Canada in multiple international competitions at the highest level in French Ring.  Ryan has also won the Canadian Ringsport Association Ring III championship multiple times with Ionn and the Canadian Ringsport Association Ring I Championship with both Indi and Ionn.  In 2019, Ryan became the second judge in the history of the Canadian Ringsport Association.

Our Team
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