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Summer 2022: MOUSTACHE x ONYX


Pedigree COI Information:

Breeding date: Summer 2022

Pregnancy Confirmed:

Due Date: 


Height: 25″/64cm

Weight: 28kg/60lbs

​Titles:   Ring III, Sélectifs (2022)



2022 French Sélectifs - Groupe 3

2021 Regional Champion - Seine-Maritime (France)

​​Health: Hips - HD-A; Elbows - HD-A; Confirmed



Height: 23″/58cm

Weight: 24.5kg/54lbs

​Titles:  Ring I



2020 CRA Ring I Grand Champion

2020 Canada Cup Ring I Vice-Champion

​Health: Hips/Elbows - Good/Normal; Embark Clear



We are exceptionally excited for this pairing.  This is a line breeding on:  Espion des Crocs de Luvry, Ramses du Calvaire aux Acacias, Rocksyde du Calvaire aux Acacias, and Judex.  We are excited to add in genetics which we have long admired.  Moustache’s genetics both paternal and maternal are filled with finalists in France.


In our travels to France over the last number of years, we have had a chance to see Moustache and Romain train, compete, and we are very impressed in what we have seen.  Describing Moustache as anything less than a predator would not due him justice.  Moustache is a smaller male who is exceptionally fast.  His entries on long attacks are nothing short of violent.


We expect the puppies from Moustache/Onyx to be medium sized and predatory in nature.  We anticipate the puppies to develop full and aggressive biting.  We do not recommend this breeding for new handlers as both Moustache and Onyx carry genetics which will challenge a handler.  We also believe these puppies will be “twitchy” and “nervier”.  We do want to be clear we anticipate they will be environmentally stable, but they will be dogs which will be faster, proactive, and more instinctive in their reactions as opposed to a more methodical and reactive nature.


We anticipate these dogs will be pro-social toward people and dogs, however, handlers may need to expose these puppies to more environments to ensure pro-social behaviours continue.  Moustache and Onyx are clear-headed and are environmentally stable/neutral in most situations.


We believe Onyx will complement Moustache’s characteristics very well and she, along with her genetics, was specifically selected for this purpose.  Both Moustache and Onyx have undergone extensive health screening in Canada and France.

All puppies will come with a health guarantee and contract.  Please contact us for more information or if you have any other questions.  We do not sell to pet homes.