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The vision behind Croisades du Nord working Belgian Malinois has always been a simple and clear goal which is to breed stable and balanced working dogs.  We value structurally and environmentally sound Malinois who excel in real world and sport applications.  ​Health, drive, and character are at the forefront of desired qualities we expect in all of our Malinois.  


We believe through selective breeding,  we can enhance the traits of the Malinois' working abilities in combination with creating a Malinois you can live with on a day to day basis.   We do not believe you need to sacrifice drive in order to have an "off-switch" nor do we believe that in order for a Malinois to achieve top working levels the dog has to always be "on."  We owned and competed with Malinois for over 10 years before venturing into breeding.  


We love this breed of dog, and what we are striving to produce will likely make it a poor fit for a home that does not share these ideals.  Despite all the wonderful things Malinois are they can also be neurotic, aggressive to people and animals, territorial, possessive, destructive, non-stop, and extremely challenging.  Many of the videos of the Belgian Malinois are awe inspiring, but what is not seen are the hundreds/thousands of hours of training.  Failure to properly train, socialize, physically and/or mentally stimulate your puppy/dog can be a recipe for disaster.  


We want to ensure all our puppies are properly placed and will enjoy long, healthy, and productive lives.  This is why we will not sell or place a puppy/dog in certain homes.  Our ideal home for our puppies/dogs will be one where they will compete in a protection sport such as French Ring; or have other working jobs such as Search & Rescue.  Our dogs will not be ideal simply as a pet/family, active companion, backyard personal protection, or simply sold as breeding dogs.

We will fully support our puppies for their life and we will work toward ensuring our puppies remain placed in their original home and not end up in shelters or rescues or worse.  If your situation changes, we will be there to support you and your Croisades du Nord working Belgian Malinois.


We are not high volume professional breeders and we seek to see all of our puppies in working homes.  We do not sell to pet homes.  All of our puppies come with a health guarantee.  We would be happy to discuss any questions you may have.

We trust you understand and we ask you respect our vision.

-- Croisades du Nord - Working Belgian Malinois

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