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Registered Name: Onyx du Domaine de Louxor


Breeder: Domaine de Louxor


Height: 23″/58cm


Weight: 22.5kg/50lbs


D.O.B/Location:  2018 May 7; Deuillet, France


Titles:  Ring I


2020 CRA Ring I Grand Champion

2020 Canada Cup Ring I Vice-Champion

Health: Hips/Elbows - Good/Normal; Embark Clear



With Croisades du Nord only a concept, in 2018 when we had the opportunity to add Onyx as our foundation working and breeding female we knew our concept was going to become reality.  Onyx epitomizes the characteristics in not only a working but also, a breeding female.

Onyx is a small/medium female, who carries herself like a much bigger dog.  She has always had a full, pushing, and calm biting style.  Onyx is a highly motivated female who has endless ball, hunt, and tug drive.  Onyx is very handler focused and is biddable to handling and decoy corrections.   Onyx is a very fast and agile female who easily outpaces many dogs of larger stature.  Onyx has already shown a genetically natural ability to clear all of the French Ring jumps.

Onyx is very pro-social to both new people as well as other dogs.  While she is a young female, she does have a level of tenacity and civility which is to be respected, and carries such tendencies in her genetics.  She is clear-headed and environmentally stable in all situations.  Despite having endless energy, Onyx has an "off-switch" that makes her easy to live with.

Onyx's hip and elbow have been evaluated by OFA as Good and Normal.  She is clear of any genetic defects through the Embark screening.


Registered Name: Senna des Croisades du Nord

Breeder: Croisades du Nord


Height: TBD


Weight: 22.5kg/51lbs


D.O.B/Location:  2021 April 5; Southwold, ON


Titles:  Training in French Ring


Health: Hips/Elbows - to be completed; Embark DNA - pending




When we envisioned breeding and conceptualized our future Croisades du Nord puppies and narrowed our breeding objectives by breeding Ionn and Onyx we were very pleased with the result and especially of Senna.

Senna will likely mature into a medium/large female weighing approximately a 60lb/27kg with good bone and structure.  Senna, the pink collared female, was the most forward of the puppies from our Ionn/Onyx litter.  She was very 
instinctively forward with not only the other puppies but in the developmental phases of socialization, environmental exposure, and bite work.

Senna can easily be described as a very pro-social toward people and other animals.  She is currently training in French Ring and we are exceptionally pleased to be able to use her in our program.  To date, Senna is exhibiting all of the traits we hoped the combination of Ionn/Onyx would provide.  

Senna has a full and forward biting style and has a level of possession which we enjoy seeing in a working French Ring Malinois.  She has exceptionally good ball drive, she is food motivated, and she takes corrections from the handler and decoy appropriately.

Prior to being bred we will evaluate her further and she will complete all of the required health testing to be part of our program.


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